• Hybrid Technology
  • Hits HARD Like a Crossbow
  • Maintains Energy Like a Compound
  • Mobile in function like a Slingshot
  • Shoots Full Length Arrows
  • Self Aligning for Pin Point Accuracy
  • 17” Axle to Axle
  • Weighs Only 3lbs. 14oz.
  • Draw Weights from 35# to 80#
  • Reversible Arm Brace Easily Fits Right and Left Handed
  • Customizable 1911 Pistol Grip
  • All Bows are Made With Black Limbs
  • You Can Get a Customized Bow with all the Imagery

- Floating riser and pivoting arm brace allow for consistent and accurate shooting, minimizing chance of human error.

- Change strings and cables anywhere without a bow press.

- The arm brace support bracket is equipped with an accessory hole for tripod mount, bow stabilizer, or quick release sling strap.

- Horizontal style eliminates the need for an arm guard.

Best Hunting Bows


  • Shoot from almost any position

  • Never a need for an arm guard

  • Can shoot with any style hat

  • Never worry about tree interference

  • Shoot from a tripod or bipod

  • Easy to shoot out of a boat for bow fishing

  • Shoots quiet, smooth & fast

Discover WishBow'n

WishBow'n Archery Hunting Bow

The WishBow'n Collection: Camo Styles Available Below

540 Boneyard Legends

Next Camo Bonz 499 - Hunting Bow


775 Muddy Girl

Muddy Girl 775 - Hunting Bow


736 Kryptek Highlander

Kryptek Highlander 736 - Hunting Bow


805 Kryptek Neptune

Kryptek Neptune - Hunting Bow


653 Next G2

653 Next G2 - Hunting Bow