Tony Chirico

The founder of WishBow'n (Tony Chirico) has over 50 years of experience in bow hunting (from recurves to long bows to hybrids to compound bows); all great bows. However, Tony discovered a new innovative twist to the bow hunting world, one unlike any other! Tony grew up in a family of traditional bow hunters. He shot with a left handed traditional bow. After a car accident, he started shooting with a right handed compound bow (the only one from his family). Years later, Tony was challenged by his daughter, who inspired him to design his own bow! He thought to himself... what attributes would he want to see in a bow? He figured out a way to eliminate torquing of the bow, which eliminated the interference of the arm (no need for arm guard anymore), eliminating interference of the bow limbs, and eliminate the need for use of the bow press. He wanted to make it accessible to anybody and everybody, thus creating... The WishBow'n. After many prototypes, The WishBow'n came out to resemble a wish bone.

Tony Chirico gives thanks to God, family, and friends!

"Now then, get your equipment-your quiver and bow-and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me." -Gen 27:3  (TNIV)