If you're anything like us, one of the most exciting aspects of archery and bow hunting is having the freedom to upgrade your bow with performance parts.  Chirico Archery is pleased to offer a wide range or replacement and performance parts for your new WishBow'n performance bow.  Here's a brief overview of what we offer, and be sure to see our products accessory page for pricing and other helpful information.

Bow Hunting Accessories

Sight Upgrades and Accessories

Viper Front Sight

A compact and remarkably accurate front-mounted sight that gives you an entirely new perspective when shooting targets or hunting wild game.

Square-Up Rear Sight

Designed to work as a peep sight, the Square-Up Rear Sight is yet another way to get more accurate shots every time, regardless of whether you're aiming at targets or dinner.

Hunting Bow Rests

Ripcord Drop-Away Rest

A performance rest specifically designed to make your time behind the bow more smooth and comfortable.

Whisker Biscuit Rest

Ideal for game bow hunters who rely on stealth positioning, the Whisker Biscuit Rest provides enhanced comfort during extended aim and positioning.

Release & Slings

Quick Release Sling

We designed this sling for lightning fast draw and release execution, a must have for competitive outdoorsmen and bow hunting enthusiasts.

Tru-Fire 360 Release

Pinpoint accuracy and improved comfort are just two of the many benefits of our popular Chirico Tru-Fire 360 release upgrades.

Performance & Replacement Cables/Strings

Complete set of replacement strings and cables, perfect for keeping on hand as a backup, or when tuning up your performance WishBow'n hunting bow.

Chirico Archery Hunting Bows are made in the USA and designed to be as accurate as they are easy to use.  For more details on replacement accessories, or a list of dealers in your area, contact us at 757-651-8788  or write to us through our website.