We're the first to admit that every now and then it's fun to mix things up.  When it comes to a successful bow hunt, sometimes you do better on foot and amongst the tress, and sometimes you do better from a boat.  And sometimes, it's just downright fun to alternate between bow and rod.  Regardless of your intentions, you'll need to make sure that the bow you choose offers the features needed to enjoy a successful hunt.

One of the problems with this, is that a large number of todays' most popular compound hunting bows are big, bulky, heavy and complicated.  Many are not the best option for bow fishing or shooting from an unstable base, and we all know that some smaller fishing boats offer poor footing at best. Let's review some of the things to look for when choosing a hunting bow that's ideal for use on the water.

Hunt on a Boat with a Bow

Look for a Lightweight, Compact Design

The last thing you want to deal with when bow fishing or hunting from water, is trying to confidently handle a large, heavy bow.  You'll never get the shot if you're fumbling around in a cramped space, and remember, many expensive bows have ended up at the bottom of the lake for this very reason.  Today's hybrid hunting bow is remarkably powerful and accurate, and easy to fire even in less than perfect locations.

Choose a Bow That's Easy to Shoot From Any Angle

Unlike hunting on land, when you're on the water you don't have the freedom to gently step to your right or left.  Fire up the engine or start rowing, and the game you've been patiently eyeing is almost guaranteed to scatter.  Choose a bow that does not require you to be in a perfectly normal position, especially if you dock near trees and in the cover of overhanging brush.  You should be able to get a clean shot off from any possible angle or line of sight.

Minimize Discomfort and Interference

All of the accessories that bow hunters end up using can actually make shooting an awkward, uncomfortable action.  Whether it's your arm guard rubbing up, your hat blocking view, or parts of your body that are just in the way, you'll want to select a bow that is specifically designed to eliminate interference.  Look for one that does not require an arm guard if you're not fond of them, as well as one that does not require a bow press for fast string changes.

Chirico WishBow'n is Perfect for Bow Hunting on Water

When we designed the WishBow'n we knew it would eventually find its way into your boat.  With that in mind a lot of consideration went into the bow fishing aspect; making sure that it was just as effective and accurate on water as it is on land.

For more information on our company, products or the many benefits of using the WishBow'n while hunting or bow fishing, call us at 757-651-8788.