If your Christmas shopping list includes gifts for those who love archery or bow hunting, we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift.  Some people are very particular about the equipment they shoot with, the bow accessories they use for upgrades, as well as the design and features inherent of each bow.  Because like any hobby or lifestyle, it can be difficult to adjust to something new or unfamiliar.

Whether they're new to archery or a seasoned bow hunter, giving them a WishBow'n is sure to be a gift they will absolutely love.  Here are just a few of the many features which make our revolutionary hybrid hunting bows perfect for experts and novices alike.

best bow hunting gifts

Innovative Design

Our state of the art hybrid bows measure 17" from axle to axle, making them compact and easy to carry, without compromising power or accuracy.  Each model features a revolutionary horizontal shot action, which functions like a compound with the feel of a sling shot.  They also offer customized draw lengths of 24" to 31", with draw weights ranging from an impressive 25 to 75 lbs.


At a total weight of just 4 lbs, this is one of the most powerful lightweight hunting bows on the market today.  Designer Anthony Chirico spent many years perfecting the design of the WishBow'n line in order to make them as lightweight as possible, while still maintaining accuracy and durability.  From target archery to deep woods hunting, this is a perfect bow to have at your side.


The WishBow'n line was carefully designed to be among the most accurate hunting bows sold today.  An innovative floating, pivoting riser design offers self-aligning pinpoint accuracy that is rarely found in many performance compound bows.  Shoot from any angle with confidence!

Find Out Why Chirico WishBow'n Bows Make Great Gifts

To learn more about Chirico WishBow'n archery products and accessories, be sure to see the complete line on our website.  You can order direct from our secure online ordering page, or locate a dealer who carries our popular hunting bows in your area.