Whether you're new to the world of bow hunting, or simply looking to take your archery skills into the great wide open, there are some important things to consider before you rush out and buy the most expensive compound bow on the market.

Let's review some of the most significant aspects to consider when making the decision on which hunting bow to purchase.

Versatile hunting bow

Angle Versatility

The hunting you see on TV and movies is a far cry from the real thing.  They don't show hunters crunched in awkward positions for hours, or executing a preposterous tree shot while your limbs are frozen and your legs numb.  That said, you need a bow that can shoot accurately from any angle, something the Chirico WishBow'n was designed specifically to do.

Operation Noise Level

First time hunters are sometimes shocked to learn how easy it is to scare off a good shot.  Everything makes noise, and that's hard enough to contend with… so you certainly don’t need your draw waking up the entire forest.  Look for a hunting bow that's smooth, easy to operate and capable of being shot without announcing it.

String/Cable Changes

Changing strings and cables can quickly put a damper on your best day in the woods.  Just ask any hunter who had to bust out the bow press while a herd of 5-points decided to stroll on by.  One of the true advantages of WishBow'n hybrid bows, is that they're designed for fast cable or string changes without the need for a bow press.


Another thing to consider is how much gear you're bringing with you.  Will you be shooting from a tripod or bipod?  Are you planning on using a bow stabilizer, and what about your quick-release sling?  Make sure that your new hybrid bow has an accessory mount that works with all the gear you're planning on using.


It's amazing how heavy some compound hunting bows can get after just a few hours.  You're going to be carrying a mix of food, gear, water and other essentials, so don't need your bow weigh you down any further.  At just under 4 lbs, the Chirico WishBow'n has already become a favorite based on its combination of light weight and innovative features.

Looking for more info on hybrid hunting bows?  Check out our products page or give Chirico Archery a call at 757-651-8788 to learn more.