One of the most frequently-voiced complaints among female bow hunters, is the limited draw range that tends to restrict women with larger breasts.  Many compound hunting bows make it very difficult to get a fully-extended draw, which can make shooting targets at greater distances awkward, uncomfortable or altogether painful depending on your specific body type.  As a result, many end up compromising their shot or simply muscling through the physical discomfort.

As the father of four young women who love bow hunting just as much as Dad does, this was an issue that I clearly wanted to address when designing the Chirico WishBow'n hybrid hunting bows.

Female Friendly Hunting bowInnovative Hybrid Bow Design

The design of the WishBow'n is uniquely suited for hunters of virtually any size or body type, making it ideal for ladies with a more ample endowment.  At just 17" from axle to axle, it's one of the few on the market to maintain the energy of a compound, while minimizing interference and shooting with the ease of a slingshot.

Extended Draw with No Interference

If breast interference is keeping you from fully engaging on your draw, the WishBow'n line should serve as a much-welcomed solution.  Despite its compact frame design and light weight, it still offers the versatility of draw lengths ranging from an impressive 24" to 31", all without the worry of excessive torqueing.

Comfort-inspired Shooting from Any Angle

We've heard from many women who report having to significantly adjust stance, or shoot from outside their comfort zone as a result of upper body interference.  The WishBow'n line of Hybrid Hunting Bows has been carefully designed to allow comfortable and accurate shooting from any angle.  Moreover, you won't need your arm guard or bow press while out on longer hunts.

Discover Why More Women Choose WishBow'n

Since its introduction, the WishBow'n line of hunting bows has already emerged as a favorite among some of today's most savvy female bow enthusiasts.  It's light, powerful, highly versatile and extremely fun to shoot.

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