Any bow hunter who's had the luxury of shooting a wide array of bows, will be the first to tell you that comfort plays a huge role in your ability to hit targets with consistent accuracy.  Of course, this often comes at the expense of either high priced equipment or a compromise in reliability.  In this article we just wanted to go over some of the comfort factors that we looked at, when developing the WishBow'n line of hybrid hunting bows.

That said, here are some things to be mindful of when shopping for a hunting bow that's as comfortable and fun, as it is accurate and durable.

Most Comfortable Hunting Bow

Ditch the Arm Guard

Arm guards are a must-have for many a hunter, and a nuisance to just as many others.  If you don’t like using them, consider a line of bows that allows you to leave it at home.  This was obviously an issue that we worked long and hard to make work, and if you've ever shot a WishBow'n, we think you'll agree that we nailed it.

Look for Versatile Draw Weight

Choosing a bow that allows you a wide range of draw settings is vital to a more comfortable hunt.  Adjustable draw weight is great for new and younger bow enthusiasts, and just as handy for those who prefer different setting for different shots.  Our line features an adjustable draw weight of 25-75 lbs with an adjustable pull of 24-31".

Accessory & Tripod Mounts

Using a tripod or bow stabilizer is a popular way to get comfortable on those trickier shots, and you should always leave yourself the option of incorporating them into your hunts.  Understanding this, make sure the bow you purchase has an accessory port that works with your gear, if not clearly designated as being universal.

Go With a Custom Grip

We all know that some stock grips leave a lot to be desired.   If the grip on your bow is preventing you from getting off that perfect shot, consider swapping it out with something a bit more ergonomic.  The WishBow'n line, for example, comes with a customizable 1911 pistol-style grip that current users really seem to enjoy.

Learn Why WishBow'n Hunting Bows Are Among the Most Comfortable!

The list above is clearly a short list, and countless other factors have gone into the engineering and design of our hybrid bows.  To learn more check out our features page, or contact us via e-mail or by calling 757-651-8788 for more detailed specs.  Happy hunting, friends!