If you're under the impression that bow hunting and archery is something just for the guys, it might be time to broaden your horizons.  While some refer to it as a sport, it's really more of a way of life; and one that is being embraced by more and more women from across the country.  So that begs the question: does anyone make a women's hunting bow that performs, looks good and functions flawlessly?  Well, they do now.

best performance woman's bow

The Muddy Girl 775 WishBow'n from Chirico

Don't let the pink design fool you… this is one impressive archery bow.  By utilizing the same design as our revolutionary WishBow'n performance bows, the Muddy Girl brings all the performance and features you'd expect from the Chirico name.

The features and benefits mentioned in this article are just a fraction of the features built into the Muddy Girl 775.  Read the complete specifications here.

Design Features

The Muddy Girl Bow from Chirico features a stylish black & pink camo exterior, with a floating pivot riser for pinpoint accuracy and just a touch of feminine flare.  The arm brace support bracket has a convenient accessory hole for mounting on tripods, as well as a bow stabilizer and quick-release sling strap.

Shooting Benefits

Like all WishBow'n hunting bows, the Muddy Girl has been engineered for nearly effortless use, with a wide draw range of 25-75 lbs, and the ability to shoot targets or game at virtually any angle.  It's designed to eliminate the need for an arm guard, and perfect for both right and left-handed bow hunters.

Compact and Lightweight

One of the biggest complaints among the most savvy female bow hunters and archers, is the weight of the equipment they carry.  Chirico has made this a thing of the past by offering a truly high-performance hunting bow that weighs in at just under 4 lbs.  Plus, it's incredibly compact and accurate, with no compromise in reliability.

For more info on this and other performance hunting bows for women, men and younger hunters, contact us 757-651-8788 or write to us through our website.