We at Chirico Archery have no major qualms against compound hunting bows.  After all, we grew up on them, learned on them, and developed much of our skill and experience by using them over many years.  In fact, it was our love for the compound which allowed us to make honest, realistic improvements when designing our own line.  Here are seven reasons to consider a WishBow'n Hybrid over traditional compound archery bows.

1. Professional-grade Lightweight Hunting Bow

You don't need us to remind you how heavy some well-equipped compound bows can be.  Unlike many of today's most popular bows, the WishBow'n hybrid bow weighs in at a meager 4 lbs; perfect for in the woods or on the range.

2. Innovative, Easy to Operate Design

At just 17" from axle to axle, the WishBow'n packs a surprising amount of power and accuracy into a very compact package.  A revolutionary horizontal-shot bow features a floating and pivoting riser, with customizable draw settings.

3. Shoot Right or Left-handed from Any Angle

Some people shoot from the right, some need left handed bows, and some just like to mix it up.  The WishBow'n features a design that allows you to shoot from the left or right, perfect for getting a good stance at tricky angles when hunting.

4. Versatile Draw Length & Draw Weight

Designer Anthony Chirico took customizing draw length & draw weight into strong consideration when developing the WishBow'n. The draw lengths can be customized on order of 24" - 31" and draw weights of 25 - 80 lbs.

lightweight hunting bows

5. Consistent, Highly Accurate

What fun is hunting or archery target shooting if you're not hitting with accuracy?  The WishBow'n was designed to function like a compound bow, with the ease and control of using a sling shot.  The end result, as our customers report, is drastically improved accuracy.

6. No Need for Arm Guards

Arm guards serve a true purpose when using compound hunting bows, but boy can they get annoying fast.  They interfere with your aim, draw and let's be honest, they're not the most natural feeling things.  Fortunately, there is never a need for an arm guard with the WishBow'n.

7. Made in the USA

Do you really need to be reminded of the benefit of buying American-made goods?  All WishBow'n bows are made right here in the USA, and perfect for Patriots who value, made in the USA products!

Looking for more information on what makes Chirico WishBow'n bows the very best that your hard-earned money can buy?  Call 757-651-8788 or e-mail us for more information, we're here and happy to help!