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If you're seeking a high-performance hybrid hunting bow that offers the combination of clean, stealthy design and superior ease of use, look no further than the WishBow'n 540 Boneyard Legends from Chirico Archery.  Like all of our lightweight hybrid bows, the 540 Boneyard Legends allows you to comfortably shoot from any angle, while making it easy to change strings and cables without a bow press, for improved accuracy and better success during long hunts.

Features and Benefits of WishBow'n 540 Boneyard Legends Hybrid Bow

  • Revolutionary horizontal shot for improved control
  • Available in Draw Lengths of 25" to 31"
  • Choose from Draw Strength of 35 to 80 lbs.
  • Innovative floating riser and pivoting arm design
  • Surprisingly lightweight at approximately 4 lbs
  • Change strings or cables without a bow press
  • Fully customizable, with free installation on all accessories
  • 17" from axle to axle, ideal for users of any stature

With the WishBow'n 540 Boneyard Legends from Chirico, you can enjoy all the power and performance of a high-end compound hunting bow, without the excess weight, tree interference or need for an arm guard or press.  Order online or call us to learn why some of today's most savvy hunters have made the WishBow'n their go-to hunting bow.

*When you order your bow take a 1/2" of your draw length.  We anchor in the corner of our mouths.