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If you're a bow hunter who demands the highest levels of performance, reliability and stealth, the WishBow'n 736 Kryptek Highlander  is a lightweight and remarkably powerful hybrid hunting bow that unites clean looks, shot versatility and the reliability Chirico Archery is renowned for.  With a compact horizontal design that measures just 17" from axle to axle, the Kryptek Highlander exterior is done in a rustic camo design, with black components that keep you comfortable and out of sight.  Enjoy all new levels of comfort and accuracy when hunting from land or water.

Chirico 736 Kryptek Highlander  Hunting Bow Hybrid, Features and Benefits

  • Shoot comfortably and accurately from even the trickiest angles
  • Horizontal shot design measuring just 17" from axle to axel
  • Change your strings/cables on the fly with no need for a bow press
  • Revolutionary floating riser and pivot arm for unmatched control
  • Detailed woodland camo exterior to keep you hidden from game
  • At 4 lbs it's one of the industry's lightest hybrid hunting bows
  • Customize your WishBow'n with free installation on accessories
  • Choose from a wide range of draw strengths and draw weight

See Why Hunters Love their Chirico WishBow'n 736 Highlander

Hunters and archers who take their sport seriously now have an affordable and performance-packed alternative to bulky compound hunting bows.  Chirico Archery takes great pride in manufacturing a full line of superior, lightweight hybrid bows.  From the moment you pick one up, you'll understand why the 736 Kryptek Highlander  is among our most popular models.  Order securely online or call us for more details on this game-changing hybrid hunting bow.

*When you order your bow take a 1/2" of your draw length.  We anchor in the corner of our mouths.