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With a sleek black design and more performance features than any other hybrid hunting bow in its class, the WishBow'n 805 Kryptek Neptune from Chirico Archery is changing the way experienced hunters and archers shoot.  Like our complete line of hunting bows, the Neptune boasts a compact, horizontal shot design that spans just 17" from axle to axle.  You get the power and accuracy of a larger compound bow, with the freedom to shoot from just about any angle you find yourself in.  With a generous draw weight and draw strength to choose from, your WishBow'n will feel like it was built around your specific preferences.

WishBow'n 805 Kryptek Neptune Hunting Bow Hybrid, Features and Benefits

  • Improved control and accuracy from its horizontal shot design
  • Effortlessly change your cables and strings without a bow press
  • Won’t interfere with trees, clothing hats or other hunting gear essentials
  • Floating riser and pivoting arm design for greatly enhanced control
  • Choose from draw lengths of 25-31" to accommodate your needs or skillset
  • Allows you to get clean shots off from any angle with total comfort and ease
  • Customize your 805 Kryptek Neptune with wide choice of hybrid bow accessories
  • One of our most popular and highly reviewed hybrid hunting bows!

Better Hunts Every Time with Chirico WishBow'n Neptune Hunting Bow

If you've been hunting with compound bows all your life and are ready to up your game, the WishBow'n 805 Kryptek series of professional-grade hunting bows is a choice that will last for generations.  Order your Neptune Hybrid online safely and securely, or give us a call to learn why some of today's most esteemed bow hunters trust Chirico.

*When you order your bow take a 1/2" of your draw length.  We anchor in the corner of our mouths.