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Welcome to the next generation of high-performance, lightweight hybrid hunting bows.  The Chirico Archery 653 Next G2  was designed to make your hunts more effective, comfortable and enjoyable than ever before.  Perfect for day or night bow hunting, the G2 features a compact "horizontal shot" design which maximizes efficiency, while giving you complete freedom to take the most challenging shots at any angle.  A black camo exterior has been incorporated to enhance its allure and stealth properties.

 Chirico 653 Next G2  Hunting Bow Hybrid, Features and Benefits

  • Horizontal shot design which measures only 17" from axle to axle
  • Features a floating riser with pivot arm for improved comfort and comfort
  • Choose from draw strengths ranging from an impressive 35 - 80 lbs
  • Dark camo on black frame design, enhancing both stealth and style
  • Weighs in at just 4 lbs, perfect for taking on longer and weekend hunts
  • Change cables and bow strings on the fly without requiring a bow press
  • Draw lengths available from 25" - 31"
  • Let us fully customize your G2 with free accessory installation

Experience the Next Generation of Hybrid Hunting Bows for Yourself

It makes no difference whether you’ve been loyal to compound hunting bows all your life, or are just looking for a new way to reduce weight, improve accuracy and eliminate interference, the Chirico Next G2 is a smart choice every time.  Learn more by calling us, or order your WishBow'n online through our SSL-secured website.

*When you order your bow take a 1/2" of your draw length.  We anchor in the corner of our mouths.