Chirico Archery Limited 5 Year Warranty

At Chirico Archery we value our customers and take pride in our products and workmanship. Therefore, we offer a limited 5 year warranty to the original owner to assure that your bow has been skillfully crafted and is free of defects in material and workmanship.

Parts Covered by limited 5 year warranty:

Limbs, Risers, Handle and Cams are all covered by the warranty from defects in material or workmanship.

Items Not Covered:

Cables, strings, bearings, paint and/or dipped finishes resulting from normal wear and tear are not covered in this warranty.

Damage Not Covered:

Damage caused by abuse, mishandling, dropping, dry firing or modifications made to the original product are not covered under this warranty. Failure to properly maintain a bow or shooting a bow with damaged /worn out parts will void the warranty. Chirico Archery reserves the right to make parts substitutions on warranty coverage at Chirico Archery’s sole discretion, for any reason. Important: Shooting of arrows less than 5 grains per pound of draw weight or arrows that have been damaged will void the warranty.

To activate Chirico Archery’s limited 5 year warranty; the customer information section must be completed in full and mailed by the purchaser within 30 days of purchase date.




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