How do I measure my draw length?

Stand with your arm straight and fist on the wall, then measure from your hand to the corner of your mouth.  If you are use to anchoring behind the jaw, you generally take off a ¼ inch.

What is the speed?

 The speed at IBO is over 300 feet per second.

 What is the let off?

The left off is holding 11-13 pounds.

Do you need an arm guard?

There is no arm guard needed when you the WishBow’n.

What kind of arrows do you use?

You use the arrows that you would use in with any regular compound bow.  Whatever the weight of your bow you match with the spine weight of the arrow. 

When will the bows be available and how do you order them?

All the bows are available now.  We ship your WishBow’n within a few days of ordering it.  When ordering you need to know your draw length and weight and what accessories you need with it.  All accessories are assembled for free.

What kind of release do you recommend?

We use the Tru-Fire extreme buckle fold back 360  and we keep them stocked at the warehouse.

Does the WishBow’n have the same penetration as a compound bow?

It has just as much penetration as a top of the line compound bow with the same poundage.

What if something breaks while on a hunt?

Anything can be changed or modified in the field.  There is no bow press needed.

Is it easy to shoot from different positions?

It shots from more positions, which gives you better opportunity out of a tree stand or from the ground.

Is the WishBow’n legal?

Yes!  It is classified as a compound bow.  The only state it isn’t legal in is Montana because the axle is too short.

What kind of arrows do you use?

You use full length arrows.