Tony Chirico

  • Floating riser and pivoting arm brace allow for consistent and accurate shooting, minimizing chance of human error
  • Change strings and cables anywhere without a bow press
  • The arm brace support bracket is equipped with an accessory hole for tripod mount, bow stabilizer, or quick release sling strap
  • Horizontal style eliminates the need for an arm guard
  • Testing currently in progress


  • 17 inches from axle to axle
  • Revolutionary horizontally shot bow
  • Floating and pivoting riser design for self aligning pin point accuracy
  • Customized draw lengths from 24"-31" *Draw length specific
  • Draw weight from 25 lbs to 75 lbs
  • Customizable 1911 pistol grip
  • Hybrid technology... maintains energy like a compound bow, maneuvers like a sling shot
  • Light weight (under 4 pounds!)
  • Change strings and cables without a bow press

Shooting Benefits

  • Shoot from almost any position
  • Never a need for an arm guard
  • Can shoot with any style hat
  • Never worry about tree interference
  • Shoot from a tripod or bipod 
  • Easy to shoot out of a boat for bow fishing
  • Shoots quiet, smooth & fast
  • Same bow accommodates left or right handed person